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Chair Person's Message (Mr.Deep Inder)

All of us have our own 'true visions', our own 'truths', our own dreams which are often obscured by the numerous 'untruths' and the social pressures that surround us. If, through rational thought and the quest for wisdom, we can rediscover our own subjective truths and have the courage to break through the constructs of desire and the requirements of 'unethical' or 'weak' social acceptability, we can reach the innate personal truth that is so similar to The Truth that leads ...  

Director's Message (Ms. Anita Lawrence M.A., B.Ed.)

The First thing that we have to give the child is love but love has so many definitions... To my mind, love is something which enriches and improves a person. It is only through love, that we can reach out to our dear children and really connect with them. If a child in any way feels the absence of love, it becomes absolutely impossible to connect with the child, and issues relating to discipline arise. Love does not necessarily mean that we give in to each and every whim of...  

Principal's Message (Mr. Robinson Joseph)

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, that he becomes.”- Mahatma Gandhi
Good thoughts can light our way to a brighter existence and cheer our hours in times of sorrow.
There is a legend that is very old which tells that birds were wingless till one day God came laid a pair of wings at the feet of a lovely singing bird saying “Take these burdens, so heavy now, but if you learn to bear them, they will grow light.” So the birds fo...