After that humble beginning in a residential building in the small but crowded city of Hoshiarpur, the School made steady progress and is now an ICSE School situated in the lush green surroundings of village Asalpur, District Hoshiarpur in a two-acre piece of land. The Sylvan surroundings of this small village at the Shiwalik foothills with eucalyptus & poplar plantations, green fields and a calm and salubrious atmosphere"far from the madding crowd" of the city makes Trinity a dream come true for the many students from Hoshiarpur and the neighbouring villages. The urban pupils enjoy the bus ride which brings them to mingle with their numerous friends from the countryside, bringing them closer to nature. It is a mutually enriching experience for both the rural and urban students as it promotes understanding between them and makes them better human beings. The few students from other countries make this experience memorable for all Trinitians.

Unlike most modern schools, Trinity believes in a tradition that prepares students for the future. This is reflected in everything from the discipline that is repeatedly stressed upon to the architecture that is conducive to a more natural lifestyle with ample light and cross-ventilation making the building environment friendly and air-conditioners unnecessary. The large, spacious classrooms and the open corridors in place of the modem ones with the classrooms on both sides have been deliberately designed to make the best use of natural light and fresh air.

Intellectual formation is given with the help of a course of studies to the mental development of the students.

As far as studies go, we stress on "keeping our windows open but not being swept off our feet" by 'modernity' which is why, despite our work and teaching being in English, we stress on the teaching of Punjabi and Hindi (as subjects) along with the best of Indian/Punjabi tradition before we can lead on our children to greater heights of a world culture and humanity.

Teachers at Trinity under go extensive training stretching over months after induction to fit in with the unique character of the School which has developed over the years. At regular intervals, teachers need to attend intensive training sessions and demonstration lessons. Work shadowing also forms an integral part of training.

Student-teacher ratio at 1:32 is strictly adhered to so that teachers get ample time with each student and can do their work efficiently and in a relaxed manner.

Ethos : The Trinity Ethos of humility, service, hard work, good manners and love for humanity & nature is developed through extensive training both in the classroom and outside. It is this set of ideas and attitudes that can take people higher & still higher to scale new personal, professional & spiritual heights so necessary for the progress of humankind.

The Logo : GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO Glory to God. Our trust in God, we believe, will take us 'ever upward' in The Trinity School, to encourage healthy competition in the children and to prepare them better for the needs of society has four 'Houses'.

Support : It is our endeavour at Trinity that no deserving child goes without education, whatever her/his financial position. The School directly supports many poor students by offering them liberal fee concessions or giving them free education. Some students are not only provided with free education but even schoolbooks and uniform are supplied by the school, free of charge. The Jag-Kirti Trust, Hoshiarpur and some parents of our students also offer help to poor students. As funds increase, the School and The Jag-Kirti Trust have pledged to increase this support to poor students and to offer prizes and scholarships as well.

Guidance And Counseling : Presently, all students are counseled from time to time by the staff, Principal and Chairperson, taking into consideration the suggestions of our advisors who have vast experience in working with children and teenagers. These sessions cover most issues concerning children. The children are encouraged to express themselves freely and discuss what ever they feel is important. Moral and spiritual values are also imparted during these sessions. Members of the Management, most of who are highly qualified in their respective fields, are also available for counseling. A professional counselor available 24x7 will also be employed at a later stage. Career counseling (including specialist counseling) based on the students' professional interests will also then be a regular feature of the school for which a Careers Department will be created