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Greetings, to all, In just a few months, COVID-19 has upended the lives of people around the world. With almost 60 days of lockdown in our country, we sure can’t deny the times are tough and the future is uncertain. But we cannot undermine the changes brought by this virus to our society. Since, the children are no longer going to school, the teachers have emerged as the immediate saviours of this crisis by organising study material online within no time. Teaching during the coronavirus pandemic is far from typical. It is literally nothing school systems have ever done before. This isn’t what they signed up for, yet they are doing it just to ensure the continuity of learning as education cannot be compromised.

I personally feel that Our Director Ma’am, Principal Sir and the teachers have really put lots of efforts to make sure students are not deprived of learning even though they are at home. So, they deserve our appreciation now more than ever before.Our frontline workers, such as doctors, nurses, the police, district administration, the media, retail workers, sweepers and all those who have contributed their efforts to help during the Corona Virus Pandemic are all worthy of salute as they put the needs of others first before their own. I am sure this year will be remembered as the year we all learned how to live life at a distance from each other and continue to function as a society. We are all in this together and only together will we be able to survive this.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

Aarifah Bali Alumni, Coordinator (The Trinity School)