Our Principal

Mr. Robinson Joseph

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, that he becomes.”- Mahatma Gandhi
Good thoughts can light our way to a brighter existence and cheer our hours in times of sorrow.
There is a legend that is very old which tells that birds were wingless till one day God came laid a pair of wings at the feet of a lovely singing bird saying “Take these burdens, so heavy now, but if you learn to bear them, they will grow light.” So the birds folded the wings beneath their hearts and after many trials and failures they lifted themselves and found that the wings that were very heavy had become so light and helped them fly up to the blue skies.
As we shoulder our burdens with sunny smiles they will become wings to help us fly like birds to places that are bright and sunny.
So look carefully through the “thoughts” inserted in you and find among them the wings that will make you fly happily and successfully through life. God Bless!